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CVDA owns a growing library of dressage-oriented DVDs and videotapes. CVDA Members may borrow these for a period of two weeks. We require a $20 deposit for each rental (refunded upon return), plus $3.50 to cover postage and packaging.

Order DVDs by PayPal (the button is below each description) using your PayPal account or a credit card; you will be refunded your deposit via PayPal as soon as we receive your DVDs back. If you'd rather pay by check, or if you are renting videotapes, please download our Video Order Form.

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• NEW! • Carl Hester's Fantastic Elastic Masterclass

Carl demonstrates his training techniques with five horses of differing levels, including Valegro and Movistar. Shows how Carl trains his horses from the beginning of their careers through to Grand Prix. Learn how to apply his expert tips to your own training and riding!

Ride with Your Mind: Masterclass with Mary Wanless

Mary Wanless demonstrates with real riders, on real horses, with real problems! How to gain the equilibrium and proper body alignment necessary to establish correct riding skills. (Sitting Trot: Working on the Bit, Series 1, DVD 3)

• NEW! • Yoga and Riding Vol. 1: Balance and Symmetry

REVIEW: In this volume, Linda Benedik has put together a clear, easy-to-follow video summary of her very valuable Yoga for Equestrians clinics. All the exercises are well explained and easy for any rider to do. Practicing the techniques has deepened my seat, softened my hands, and increased my confidence. My horse is listening to my aids and has become softer as well. The only negative comment I can make is that I wanted more lessons included on the video! I highly recommend this - it really works!

• NEW! • Rider & Horse: Back to Back

Susanne von Dietze explores how the back is at the heart of every movement of the rider on horseback. She provides more than 50 exercises, both in the arena and on the lunge line, for "back-friendly" riding, and many tips to improve "feel" while moving your own back in a better way. Use positive training to prevent straining - invaluable knowledge for every rider and trainer - and establish a mobile, stable core in the saddle.

• NEW! • Pilates for the Dressage Rider

The eagerly awaited companion DVD to the best selling book "Pilates for the Dressage Rider." As did the book, this helps dressage riders develop the core strength, good posture and muscle flexibility integral to success in the saddle using Pilates exercises. Viewers will slowly and methodically learn each exercise, and then apply them in real time workout. A final section on rider exploration gives the viewer the tools to further advance in her dressage goals.

Rudolf Zeilinger: Schooling a Horse Part III

Rudolf Zeilinger, longtime pupil of Willi Schultheis and instructor of Olympic and world champion horses, is known for his sensible, sensitive and systematic way of schooling dressage horses. In the third part of the Schooling a Horse DVD series, this successful dressage rider and trainer demonstrates lateral work with his own horses, explaining when to begin, what requirements have to be fulfilled and how he works individually with each horse.

The programme concentrates on shoulder-in, shoulder-fore and half pass, Rudolf Zeilinger explains how to develop impulsion by increasing and decreasing the tempo and the use of transitions to improve self-carriage and encourage the horse to step under with the hind legs, all necessary requirements of lateral work and the dressage horse. Approx 53 mins. DVD.

Richard Hinrichs: Motivation of Dressage Horses

Motivation is a multi-faceted subject: how does one in detail go about increasing a dressage horse’s enjoyment and charisma and how do we then encourage the horse to demonstrate its strength and vibrancy. In his film, Richard Hinrichs demonstrates very effective methods for motivating the horses and puts forward various suggestions for improving difficult and demanding training sessions: positive reinforcement, relaxation, stretching, collecting exercises.

Dr. Reiner Klimke: Dressage in Detail, Part 1

In the "Dressage in Detail" series, Dr. Klimke concentrates on showing the detail work. His concern is with the problems in daily training with hints for correction. In Part 1, Klimke concentrates on loosening exercises, trot work, half halts and half pirouette in walk.

Training With Kyra Kyrklund: Vol 2

The Rider’s Seat and Balance. After demonstrating common rider faults and the relationship between the rider’s balance and the horse, this video clearly shows the importance of a correct seat and how it directly affects the quality of communication between horse and rider. Kyra Kyrklund, member of the Finnish Dressage Team at four Olympic Games, covers everything from communication between horse and rider to advanced canter movements. Approximately 30 minutes. DVD

Training with Kyra Kyrklund: Volume 3

The Horse’s Outline and Collection. The how-to of starting, stopping, turning, getting the horse on the bit, stretching down and getting the head back up again are all discussed and demonstrated in detail in this video. Kyra Kyrklund, member of the Finnish Dressage Team at four Olympic Games, covers everything from communication between horse and rider to advanced canter movements. Approximately 30 minutes. DVD.

Klaus Balkenhol: Dressage Riding with Horsemanship

As an Olympic Gold medalist and coach of the US Dressage Team, Klaus Balkenhol demonstrates how the rules of classical riding and horsemanship can be applied. His focus is always to maintain the basic gaits of the horse, and his credo is to do what is natural for the horse, using fairness in working with the equine partner. 106 min.

Conrad Schumacher’s Dressage System: Vol. 1

Prepare to Win: Volume 1

A unique approach to training rider confidence and basic dressage principles. Program begins with “Prerequisites for Winning.” Many illustrations of working patterns, intricate and challenging exercises to prepare the rider for success.

This first in a series of DVDs for the novice through Prix St. George competitor offers a unique approach to training rider confidence in combination with basic dressage principles.. When Schumacher’s suggestions are incorporated in a rider’s long-term, mid-term, and short-term show preparation, the riders will find themselves eagerly awaiting the ring of the bell, confident, focused, and ready to win. Approximately 60 minutes.

Walter Zettl: A Matter of Trust Vol. I

Volume I covers the basic guidelines for equine behavior, movement, gaits, physical and mental characteristics of the horse as well as the training plan for the first year. The first half looks at the horse, the rider, timing of the aids, movement and correct use of seat and aids. The second half gives a detailed lesson plan for establishing a solid foundation. 230 minutes. (PLEASE NOTE: This is a VHS/Videotape, and not a DVD. The other two Zettl entries are DVDs)

Walter Zettl: A Matter of Trust Vol. II

Volume II introduces collection, correct frame, rhythm, tempo, and self carriage. The video uses slow motion close-ups and detailed descriptions of movements with accompanying graphics. 175 minutes

Walter Zettl: A Matter of Trust Vol. III

Volume III presents third and forth level collection movements. Half pass, introduction to flying changes and tempi changes are covered. The video uses slow motion close-ups and detailed descriptions of movements with accompanying graphics. 120 minutes.

Ingrid Klimke: Success Through Fitness

Shows you how cavaletti can strengthen and greatly improve the basic gaits, rhythm, power, expressions and cadence in your horse. Lots of “how to” segments.

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010

The 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games were held for the first time in the United States, at the Kentucky Horse Park, in Lexington, KY. Dressage fans from around the world gathered to watch the greatest dressage horse ever, Moorland Totilas, perform in spectacular fashion. History was made as Steffen Peters, riding Ravel, became the first American rider ever to win an individual medal in World Championship competition. And so much more...! 120 min.

FEI WEGs 2006: Dressage Individual (GPS & Kur)

Isabell Worth, Anky van Grunsven, and Andreas Helgstrand were the three top winners of the Grand Prix Special. Fifteen riders contested the Kur. Both took place in a packed stadium of 60,000. An equestrian competition of the highest class! All the leading tests are shown in full on both disks. (2 disks)

VHS Videotapes

Isabell Werth

  • Vol. 1, Round, forward and through getting your horse on the aids
  • Vol. II, Round, forward and through getting your horse on the aides
  • Developing power and engagement for medium levels
  • Pirouettes, tempi changes, piaffe and passage

Conrad Schumacher (1999)

  • Volume 1: Training to Second level
  • Volume II: Third Level to Prix St. Georges
  • Volume III: Intermediate to Grand Prix

1997 Steffen Peters & Elizabeth McMullen

Volume I: Training to Third Level

1995 Kyra Kirklund, Eric Lette & Major Anders Lindgren

  • Volume 1: Training to Second level
  • Volume II: Third to Fourth Level

From the Library of Dr. H.L.M. van Schaik

  • European Championships, Wolfsburg/Germany
  • 1987 Essen Dressage
  • Wiener Stadthalle, 1972 Schooling Andalusians
  • Wiener Stadthalle, Cadre Noir, Spanish Riding School
  • 1988 World Cup Finals, Kur

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