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** Please note! Below are the events held by CVDA in 2017. A NEW CVDA WEBSITE is coming, which will list 2018's events! **

In some cases, information for our events was gathered before dates were finalized. Please contact the secretary of the event if you have any questions.

CVDA runs very popular schooling shows each season which attract competitors from throughout Vermont and surrounding states. We provide top-level judges, and our entries range from Introductory through Fourth Level.

Introductory Division: This division consists of the 2016 USDF Introductory Tests A, B and C, and provides an opportunity for the horse and/or rider new to dressage to demonstrate elementary skills.  The tests are designed to encourage correct performance and to prepare the horse and/or rider for the transition to the USEF tests. This division is divided into Junior and Senior classes.  Tests ridden in this division are not eligible for Show High Point Awards or Year End High Score Awards.

1. USDF Introductory Test A - JR
2. USDF Introductory Test B - JR
3. USDF Introductory Test C - JR
4. USDF Introductory Test A - SR
5. USDF Introductory Test B - SR
6. USDF Introductory Test C - SR

Junior, Senior and Open Divisions: Training and First Level Classes will be divided into Junior and Senior Divisions. Classes in Second Level and above will comprise the Open Division and will include both Junior and Senior riders. For the list of tests included in each of these divisions, see the list of tests included in Year End Awards.

Training Level Junior
7. USEF Training Level Test 1/Junior
8. USEF Training Level Test 2/Junior
9. USEF Training Level Test 3/Junior
Training Level Senior
10. USEF Training Level Test 1/Senior
11. USEF Training Level Test 2/Senior
12. USEF Training Level Test 3/Senior               
First Level Junior
13. USEF First Level Test 1/Junior
14. USEF First Level Test 2/Junior
15. USEF First Level Test 3/Junior
First Level Senior
16. USEF First Level Test 1/Senior
17. USEF First Level Test 2/Senior
18. USEF First Level Test 3/Senior

(Second Level and above; Jr & Sr Combined)
19. Second Level TOC **
20. Third Level TOC **
21. Fourth Level TOC **
22. FEI TOC **

EVENT TEST DIVISION: This division includes all riders wishing to ride a USEA Event Test at any level. Riders showing in this division may cross-enter into the Open Division; those scores will be eligible for awards as defined above. High Score and Year End Awards in this division are sponsored by Greylock Farm and Trumbull Mountain Tack.
EVENT TEST DIVISION (Jr. & Sr. Combined)
23E. 2014 USEA Beginner Novice Test A and/or B**
24E. 2014 USEA Novice Level Test A and/orB**
25E. 2014 USEA Training Test A and/or B**
26E. 2014 USEA Prelim Level Test A and/or B**
27E. Any higher level 2014 USEA test(s) not already offered**

19, 20, 21, 22 & 23E-27E: 
Rider may enter class twice, as long as tests are different and separate entry fee is paid per ride. Rider must specify test(s) to be ridden.

28F. Musical Kur
Specify Level (Training-Grand Prix), and 2011 USEF Freestyle Test requirements, or 2009 FEI requirements. Rider must supply music and make arrangements for sound equipment.

29. Training, 1st or 2nd Level (specify on entry)


High Point Awards will be given at each show in the following divisions:
• Training Level Junior
• First Level Junior
• Training Level Senior
• First Level Senior

• A horse and rider team can only win one High Point award at any show.
• If a horse and rider team qualify for more than one award, they will be given the award at the higher level.  
• Riders can win more than one award if they are competing more than one horse.

Introductory Tests, Rider Tests, Musical Kurs, and the FEI Young Horse tests are not eligible for Show High Point Awards.


CVDA 2017 Spring Schooling Show

Download CVDA 2017 Spring Schooling Show Final Results
Download CVDA 2017 Spring Schooling Show High Scores

May 7, 2017

Opening Date: April 1, 2017 • Closing Date: April 22, 2017
Location: Green Mountain Horse Association, S. Woodstock, VT

Judges:  Kerry Brothers ('L') & Lori Barnard ('r') 
Secretary: Diane Andrews
  238B Croydon Turnpike, Plainfield, NH 03781
  (603) 727-2910 
Co-Manager: Katherine Adams • (802) 899-3440
Co-Manager: Janet Wells • (802) 889-3303

High Scores:
Jr. Training Level: Taylor Evans-Cielo Dorado, Tr-1: 72.885
Jr. First Level: Sophie Roe and Cisco, 1st-2: 69.219
Senior Training Level: Lilly Joseph and Ferro, Tr-2: 79.615
Senior First Level: Polly Schmidt and Desmond, 1st-2: 67.656
2nd Level and Above: Michelle Lemieux and Laurie, 3rd-1: 65.758
Event Division: Hannah Smith & Bittersweet Aurora, Novice A: 71.08


CVDA 2017 Summer Schooling Show

Download CVDA 2017 Summer Schooling Show Final Results
Download CVDA 2017 Summer Schooling Show High Scores

July 23, 2017

Opening Date: June 17, 2017 • Closing Date: July 8, 2017
Location: Green Mountain Horse Association, S. Woodstock, VT

Judges:  Katie Rocco ('L') & Catherine Hill Waterman ('r') 
Secretary: Terri Satterlee
PO Box 286, Ludlow, VT 05149
Telephone: (802) 228-2103 

Co-Manager: Barb Goulette • (802) 479-2416
Co-Manager: Terri Satterlee • (802) 228-2103


CVDA 2017 Fall Schooling Show

Download CVDA 2017 Fall Schooling Show Final Results
Download CVDA 2017 Fall Schooling Show High Scores

September 10, 2017

Opening Date: August 7, 2017 • Closing Date: August 23, 2017
Location: Green Mountain Horse Association, S. Woodstock, VT

Judges: Regina Cristo ('L')  •  Keith Angstadt ('r')
Wendy Hunter-Higgins
PO Box 3 • S. Woodstock, VT 05071
(802) 457-4065
Co-Manager: Nancy Byrd • (603) 353-2127
Co-Manager: Jamie Fields • (802) 436-4346

High Scores:
Eventing ToC: Jay McGarry (Beginner Novice Test B) - 69.08%
Training Level Jr.: Kylie Tuttle (Training Level Test 3) - 66.8%
Training Level Sr.: Deb Dean Smith (Training Level Test 3) - 72.955%
First Level Jr.: Sophie Roe (First Level Test 2) - 67.031%
First Level Sr.: Debbie Irwin (First Level Test 3) - 66.593%
Intro Jr.: Finley Peterson (Intro Test B) - 70.0%
Intro Sr.: Sarah Eastman (Intro Test C) - 70.25%
Second Level & Above: Rebekah Smith (Second Level Test 1) - 70.303%


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