Year-End Sponsorship

CVDA offers Year End Awards for each Division:

  • Training Junior
  • Training Senior
  • First Level Junior
  • First Level Senior
  • Open Second Level and Above

The Year End Award will be presented to the rider with the highest average score based on their top two rides on one horse within one division.

These awards are presented at the Annual Meeting and Banquet.

The Year End Sponsor provides to CVDA:
  • $300-$500 in cash to purchase awards which will be divided equally for the High Point Awards in each of the divisions (Training Junior, Training Senior, First Level Junior, First Level Senior, and Open Second Level and Above), Sportsmanship  and the Volunteer of the Year Award, to be presented at the Annual Business Meeting and Banquet.

CVDA provides to the Year-End Sponsor:
  • An advertisement in the mailing distributed to the membership with the Annual Meeting information (currently, distribution is to approximately 260 members).
  • The option to be part of the awards ceremony at the Annual Banquet.
  • Space at the Annual Banquet to present a banner, sign, and/or written materials promoting your business.
  • An invitation for the sponsor to attend the Annual Banquet.
  • Sponsor information will be included in the Omnibus (if sponsorship is obtained prior to the issuance of the Omnibus).
  • A link to your business on the CVDA website for one year.

Half Halt

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