Click Here for Spring ‘19 Schooling Show Results

Congratulations to our Spring 2019 High Score Recipients~

Training Level Jr - Maeve Hoffert and Helsegards Rudolph  in Training 1 - 66.923%

1st Level Jr - Lea Adams Blackmore and EickeII in First Level Test 3 - 75.972%

Training Level Sr - Elizabeth Oellers and Ignatia LJS   in Training 3 - 69.138%

1st Level Sr- Jessica Purcell and Rap For One in First Level Test 1 - 70.172%

2nd Level & Above - Heidi Hauri-Gill and Mercedes TF in Second Level Test 1 - 67.297%

Eventing Division - Cathy Rouse and Donovan's Hope in Beginner Novice - 74%

Many thanks to Jamin Gelder our amazing show secretary and show managers Colleen Hoard and Terri Satterlee and our wonderful volunteers; Suzy Frazer, Sue Schwaiger, Joyce Martin, Lourie Herrin, Barbara Gerstner, Katherine Roe, Fred Glover, Becca Rice, Lynn Freeman and Tegan Hoard and Leila MacKenzie!

Thank you to our generous sponsors Rider's Warehouse for the High Score Awards and West Lebanon feed and Supply for the 1st place prizes. And our Thanks to Strafford Saddlery for the great coupons!