June 1, 2024

Smoke Rise Farm, Woodstock, Vermont

Opening Date: May 2

Closing Date: May 23

Cost: CVDA member, $115/45-minute lesson

Non-CVDA member, $165/45-minute lesson

Auditors: CVDA members free; non-members $10

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This clinic is designed for the rider who is new to dressage and/or new to riding in a dressage clinic.  Come further your knowledge and experience and expand you and your horse's comfort zones. Participating in a clinic is a wonderful way to learn some new exercises, obtain valuable feedback and gain confidence in a new environment.

Joy Congdon bases her Still Point Dressage business in Shelburne, Vermont.  She is a popular CVDA Development Day judge and an active USDF/USEF competitor through Grand Prix.  She is a USDF Certified Trainer/Instructor, Fourth Level, a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist and a USDF Graduate "L" Judge.  Joy was an Assistant Trainer to Kathy Connelly for 17 years and her own students have earned USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.  Joy has also received numerous USDF Regional Championship and NEDA Year End Award placings.

(The CVDA clinic participant selection criteria will be modified for this clinic to allow for the clinic to fill with those working on the "basics" and for novice clinic participants. CVDA members still receive preference over non-members.) 

Joy Congdon Clinic Waiver.pdf

Joy Congdon Clinic Selection Criteria

August 10-11, 2024

Joyce Martin Farm, Brownsville, Vermont

Opening Date: July 10

Closing Date: July 31

Cost: CVDA member, $165/45-minute lesson

Non-CVDA member, $230/45-minute lesson

Auditors: CVDA members free; non-members $20/day

Rider and Auditor Registration: Links available on opening date

Bill Warren is a FEI 4 Star Judge, USEF 'S' Judge and a USDF Gold Medalist who has trained several horses to Grand Prix and works with many FEI riders. Bill, as part of Warren-McMullin Dressage, has decades of experience training, teaching and judging.  He has studied primarily with Conrad Schumacher and George Williams.  Bill teaches riders of all levels, while continuing to be an avid competitor, judge, trainer, coach and clinician.

Bill Warren Clinic Waiver.pdf

 Bill Warren Clinic Participant Criteria


September 14, 2024 (and 9/15 if demand)

Goose Pond Equestrian Center, Canaan, New Hampshire

Opening Date: August 16

Closing Date: September 2

NOTE! Lessons are 1.5 hours long and include 2-4 riders

Cost: CVDA member, $135

Non-CVDA member, $175

Auditors: CVDA members free; non-members $20/day

Rider and Auditor Registration: Links available on opening date

Working Equitation - a wonderful way to cross train your horse by offering something fresh and new that is based on excellent training, partnership and fun!

Stephanie Hayes has been a professional in the horse industry for over two decades as a natural horsemanship clinician, trainer and competitor. In 2017 she attended her first Working Equitation clinic and was inspired to incorporate the training benefits into her programs. Stephanie conducts clinics throughout the U.S., co-founded New England Working Equitation, Inc., is a USAWE Recognized Coach, "L" judge candidate and earned her USAWE Pewter medal. She has been awarded National and Regional Championships on several horses at Level 1 through 4 and coached her junior rider to National Championship honors. Stephanie's farm is The Center for America's First Horse in Johnson, Vermont, where she trains and promotes rare Spanish Barbs.

Working equitation is made up of four disciplines (Dressage, Ease of Handling (a course of items found out in the field, such as bridges, gates, etc.), Speed, and Cattle (Optional). It became a sport in 1996 and originated in Europe and South America.  Its historical roots are the skills and training needed by horses working in the field.

Hayes clinic waiver 8_24.pdf


The rules pertaining to dressage competition prohibit the use of appliances, devices, and drugs. Instead, the emphasis is on progressive training and a cooperative partnership between horse and rider. As part of its mission, CVDA offers educational programs which explore and demonstrate classical and humane training methods.


Any returned check will incur an additional $40 fee.  The person is then not eligible to participate in any CVDA activities until the indebtedness has been paid in full with a bank/cashier’s check.  Once the indebtedness has been cleared, payment for any future activity must be paid with a bank/cashier’s check.


At any Central Vermont Dressage Association  (CVDA) event, it is compulsory that all riders mounted at any time or anywhere on the competition/event showgrounds, competing at any level, wear properly fitted protective headgear which meets or exceeds current applicable ASTM/SEI (American Society for Testing and Materials/Safety Equipment Institute) standards for equestrian use and carries the SEI tag “Protective Headgear,” with chin strap secured.

For riders under 18 years of age, it is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or trainer to insure that the protective headgear worn complies with appropriate safety standards for protective headgear intended for equestrian use, and is properly fitted and in good condition. 
Riders over age 18 are responsible for their protective headgear complying with the standards.
CVDA and the facility hosting the CVDA event are not responsible for checking equestrian helmets for such compliance.

Any rider without protective headgear will immediately be prohibited from further participation in the CVDA event until such headgear is properly in place and/or, at CVDA’s sole discretion, may be prohibited from participating further in the CVDA event.

CVDA and the host facility make no representation or warranty, express or implied, about any protective headgear/equestrian helmet, and cautions riders that death or serious injury may result despite wearing such protective headgear as all equestrian sports involve inherent dangerous risk and as no helmet can protect against all foreseeable injuries.

Central Vermont Dressage Association, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 
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