All rider awards require a minimum score of 60.00% to be eligible. 

  • Introductory Level Junior
  • Introductory Level Senior
  • Training Level Junior
  • Training Level Senior
  • First Level Junior
  • First Level Senior
  • 2nd Level & Above
  • Eventing Junior - sponsored by Pirouette Farm
  • Eventing Senior - sponsored by Sue Berrill at Greylock Farm
  • Western Dressage

To qualify for a Year End Award (presented at the Annual Meeting and Banquet), the rider must be a CVDA member when the scores are earned.  The rider must have competed in at least two CVDA Schooling Shows. Scores are calculated from two different shows within the same division by the horse and rider combination. The Year End Award will be presented to the rider with the highest average score based on their top two rides.  The same horse and rider team cannot win a Year End Award at more than one level. If a horse and rider team is the winner at more than one level, they will be given the award at the higher level. A rider showing more than one horse may earn more than one award.  The Introductory Level may only be received once with the same horse and rider combination.


  • Introductory Level Junior
  • Introductory Level Senior
  • Training Level Junior
  • Training Level Senior
  • First Level Junior
  • First Level Senior
  • Second Level & Above
  • Eventing
  • Western Dressage

    High score awards are given at each show.  A horse and rider combination can only win one High Score Award at any show. Riders can win more than one award if they are competing on more than one horse. If a horse and rider combination qualify for more than one award, they will be given the award at the higher level. 


    Nine awards each are given for GMHA's June, July and October dressage shows: Training Level (Adult Amateur, Junior and Open), First Level (Adult Amateur, Junior and Open), and Second Level & Higher (Adult Amateur, Junior and Open).

      • Opportunity classes are also eligible, but Freestyles, Young Horse and Dressage Equitation classes do not count towards these awards. 
      • Minimum score to be eligible for a high score award is 55%.
      • Competitor must be a fully paid CVDA member at least three business days prior to the first day of a GMHA show.
      • Horse/rider combination may only win a high score ribbon at one level per show.  If the combination is high score at more than one level, then the level with the highest score is awarded.
      • Please make every effort to pick up your ribbon. If you cannot, please leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope, marked "CVDA Member High Score," with the show office and we will mail it to you.


    CVDA Volunteer of the Year Award

    2024 Volunteer of the Year Award sponsored by Triple Crown Nutrition

    The CVDA Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a special person who has provided outstanding service to CVDA as a volunteer at any of CVDA’s shows, clinics or other events. This award recognizes a CVDA member or non-member who, through consistent and cumulative volunteer activities, has demonstrated exceptional commitment towards carrying out CVDA’s mission.

    CVDA Sportsmanship Award

    2024 Sportsmanship Award sponsored by Triple Crown Nutrition

    The CVDA Sportsmanship Award recognizes a CVDA member who has demonstrated the principles of sportsmanship in dressage competition as set forth below.   The Sportsmanship Award will be awarded to the member who best exemplifies these principles and who best serves as a role model for other competitors.

    • Civility - The recipient is considerate, courteous, and generous in spirit at competition and shows care and compassion both in victory and defeat.
    • Good Judgment - The recipient chooses worthy goals, sets priorities in accordance with the rules of the sport and inspires others to follow them.
    • Courage - The recipient has the determination to make prudent choices, the strength to exhibit fairness, the grace to accept the results of the competition and the courage to pursue betterment of their riding skills even when said goals are seemingly difficult to reach.
    • Perseverance - The recipient is persistent in their pursuit of worthy objectives despite opposition, difficulty, injuries, handicaps, or discouragement. The recipient exhibits patience and the fortitude to strive for those goals even when challenged with errors or failures.
    • Respect - The recipient shows high regard for themselves, their horse, for others, for officials and for the sport itself.
    • Responsibility - The recipient is dependable in following through with their obligations and duties, shows reliability and consistency in words and conduct and is accountable for their own actions.
    • Self-discipline - The recipient demonstrates hard work and commitment to reach their goals and applies the traits listed above in all situations.

    The Nomination Process

    These awards are presented annually, for the year October 1-September 30. Nominations shall be made by CVDA members and are due each year by October 1. Nominations should include a statement, with example(s), of how your nominee has demonstrated the qualities of good sportsmanship or volunteerism. Nomination statements are limited to seventy-five (75) words or less. Please email your nomination to the CVDA Awards Committee Chair at

    Award recipients are determined by a committee appointed by the CVDA President. The Committee consists of four CVDA members, plus the Committee Chair. Recipients are determined on the merit of the nominee, not on the number of nomination letters submitted for any one individual. Committee members vote independently, and votes are tabulated by the Committee Chair. Committee members are not informed of results. Ties are broken by the Chair or by input from other CVDA Board member votes, if needed.

    The Volunteer and Sportsmanship Awards are presented at the CVDA Annual Banquet.

    Central Vermont Dressage Association, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 
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