2023 CVDA Schooling Shows

Green Mountain Horse Association

South Woodstock, VT

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Spring Schooling Show

May 7, 2023 
Opening Date: April 8th

Closing Date: April 26th

Enter Online: CVDA Spring Schooling Show


Krystal Wilt "r" Glenville, NY

Madeleine Austin "L" with distinction Williston, VT

Waiver (Must be uploaded with entry): GMHA Waiver.pdf

Ride Times: 

Schooling Show Day Sheet.pdf

Rider Schedule.pdf

Stabling Assignments:

Spring Stabling Chart.pdf



Summer Schooling Show

July 23, 2023

Opening Date: June 18th

Closing Date: July 11th

Enter Online: CVDA Summer Schooling Show


Leslie de Grandmaison "r" Auburn, NH

Katie Rocco "r" Williston, FL 

Waiver (Must be uploaded with entry): GMHA Waiver.pdf

Ride Times: 

Summer Schooling Show Day Sheet.pdf

Summer Show Rider Schedule.pdf

Stabling Assignments:

Summer Stabling Chart.pdf


Fall Schooling Show

September 10, 2023

Opening Date: August 5th

Closing Date: August 31st

Enter Online: CVDA Fall Schooling Show


Catie Waterman "r" Ferrisburgh, VT

Krista Nordgren "r" Portland, ME

Waiver (Must be uploaded with entry): GMHA Waiver.pdf

Ride Times: 

Fall Schooling Show Day Sheet.pdf

Fall Rider Schedule.pdf

Stabling Assignments:

Fall Stabling Assignments.pdf


Schooling Show Entry Selection


Entries are taken as received online or by postmark on the opening date. Complete entries have preference. Sign your entry, include the correct fees, and make sure your Rabies and Coggins certificates are current and uploaded, emailed or mailed along with the entry. Rides are scheduled until the judge’s availability time is full, and then a waiting list is developed. Entries on the waiting list are considered by entry date and available openings are dependent on scratches. There is no preference given to members at the show, which is strictly scheduled by completed entries received. 

Our shows fill quickly—get your entries in early! 

Your entry will not be scheduled if it is not accompanied by full payment.

CVDA Schooling Show Class List & Divisions

All Training Level, Eventing and Western Dressage tests will be ridden in a small arena. First Level and above will be ridden in a large arena.

INTRODUCTORY DIVISION: This division consists of the 2023 USDF Introductory Tests A, B and C, and provides an opportunity for the horse and/or rider new to dressage to demonstrate elementary skills.  The tests are designed to encourage correct performance and to prepare the horse and/or rider for the transition to the USEF tests. This division is divided into Junior and Senior classes.  

1. USDF Introductory Test A - JR
2. USDF Introductory Test B - JR
3. USDF Introductory Test C - JR
4. USDF Introductory Test A - SR
5. USDF Introductory Test B - SR
6. USDF Introductory Test C - SR

Training Level Junior
7. USEF Training Level Test 1/Junior
8. USEF Training Level Test 2/Junior
9. USEF Training Level Test 3/Junior
Training Level Senior
10. USEF Training Level Test 1/Senior
11. USEF Training Level Test 2/Senior
12. USEF Training Level Test 3/Senior
First Level Junior
13. USEF First Level Test 1/Junior
14. USEF First Level Test 2/Junior
15. USEF First Level Test 3/Junior
First Level Senior
16. USEF First Level Test 1/Senior
17. USEF First Level Test 2/Senior
18. USEF First Level Test 3/Senior

(Junior & Senior Riders Combined)
19. Second Level TOC **
20. Third Level TOC **
21. Fourth Level TOC **
22. FEI TOC **

(Junior & Senior Riders Combined)
This division includes all riders wishing to ride a USEA Event Test at any level. Riders showing in this division may cross-enter into the Open Division; those scores will be eligible for awards as defined above. 
23E. 2022 USEA Beginner Novice Test A and/or B**
24E. 2022 USEA Novice Level Test A and/or B**
25E. 2022 USEA Training Test A and/or B**
26E. 2022 USEA Prelim Level Test A and/or B**
27E. Any higher level 2022 USEA test(s) not already offered**

19, 20, 21, 22 & 23E-27E: 
Rider must specify test(s) to be ridden.
Rider may enter class twice, as long as tests are different and separate entry fee is paid per ride.

(Junior & Senior Riders Combined)

28F. Musical Freestyle
Specify Level (Training-Grand Prix) 
Rider must supply music and make arrangements for sound equipment.

29J. Western Dressage Test of Choice, Junior (WDAA Intro tests 1 through 4 and WDAA Basic Level 1 and 2)
30S. Western Dressage Test of Choice, Senior (WDAA Intro tests 1 through 4 and WDAA Basic Level 1 and 2)

(Junior & Senior Riders Combined)
31. Para Dressage TOC**



High Point Awards will be given in the following divisions:

• Intro Level Junior
• Intro Level Senior
• Training Level Junior
• Training Level Senior
• First Level Junior
• First Level Senior
• Open Second Level and Above
• Eventing
• Western Dressage

• A horse and rider combination can only win one High Point award at any show.
• If a horse and rider combination qualifies for more than one award, they will be given the award at the higher level.  
• Riders can win more than one award if they are competing more than one horse.

Musical Freestyles and the FEI Young Horse tests are not eligible for Show High Point Awards.


The rules pertaining to dressage competition prohibit the use of appliances, devices, and drugs. Instead, the emphasis is on progressive training and a cooperative partnership between horse and rider. As part of its mission, CVDA offers educational programs which explore and demonstrate classical and humane training methods. 


Any returned check will incur an additional $40 fee.  The person is then not eligible to participate in any CVDA activities until the indebtedness has been paid in full with a bank/cashier’s check.  Once the indebtedness has been cleared, payment for any future activity must be paid with a bank/cashier’s check. 


At any CVDA event, it is compulsory that all riders mounted at any time or anywhere on the competition/event showgrounds, competing at any level, wear properly fitted protective headgear which meets or exceeds current applicable ASTM/SEI (American Society for Testing and Materials/Safety Equipment Institute) standards for equestrian use and carries the SEI tag “Protective Headgear,” with chin strap secured.

For riders under 18 years of age, it is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or trainer to insure that the protective headgear worn complies with appropriate safety standards for protective headgear intended for equestrian use, and is properly fitted and in good condition. Riders over age 18 are responsible for their protective headgear complying with the standards. Central Vermont Dressage Association and the facility hosting the CVDA event are not responsible for checking equestrian helmets for such compliance.

Any rider without protective headgear will immediately be prohibited from further participation in the CVDA event until such headgear is properly in place and/or, at CVDA’s sole discretion, may be prohibited from participating further in the CVDA event.

Central Vermont Dressage Association and the host facility make no representation or warranty, express or implied, about any protective headgear/equestrian helmet, and cautions riders that death or serious injury may result despite wearing such protective headgear as all equestrian sports involve inherent dangerous risk and as no helmet can protect against all foreseeable injuries.

Central Vermont Dressage Association, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 
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